Blue Yeti Foam Windscreen

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Get rid of those annoying background noises once and for all Our windscreen is specially designed to fit the blue yeti and blue yeti pro, to block out all unwanted background sounds while you’re recording.
Flexible foam also fits most other large microphones on the market, up to 2.5 inches in diameter, including brands like MXL, Audio-Technica, and more
(Depending on the specific microphone model).

Perfect fit and easy to put on!
Most windscreens are designed to fit smaller microphones, so it can be hard to find the right windscreen for large mics.
Plus, most windscreens are made of low-quality foam that rips and tears while you’re trying to get it on the mic.
Look no farther! Our windscreen solves both of these problems.

What makes our windscreen the best?
– Easy to install and fits the Yeti perfectly
– High-quality foam materials for guarantees years of use
– Filter out those harsh “p” and “t” sounds
– Captures subtle tones, while blocking out unwanted noise
– Protects your mic from saliva and dust damage

Installation instructions:
1) Hold the foam in the palm of your hand
2) Install it on the microphone in a circular motion until it is all the way down
3) Apply force from the top, please avoid pinching the foam from the sides as this can potentially rip pieces off

UPC:  786641885007

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